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Feeling like everything is on track for your business but something is still missing? Leverage the knowledge of King Royalty to unlock your business’s potential.

Why People Need Business Coaching?

King Royalty, LLC specializes in business consulting for small businesses looking for more growth.  Through our proprietary system, we have the tools to identify the challenges in your company and resolve them so you can operate at full optimized potential.

Who Needs Business Coaching The Most?

Our focus is on small businesses, not giant corporations. We are confident that we will match you with the resources and partners that you need to successfully grow your business to another level. CALL US NOW AT +1 (201) 633-6508

Are You Asking Clients The Right Questions?

We expect to thoroughly understand your business challenges, setbacks, goals, and objectives so that we can all collaborate together on several solutions that resonate with you for delivering results with ethical marketing while doing social good. Relationships and high-touch are more necessary today than ever before.

We have been recognized as a reputable social good conscious business by the Unite4:Good Foundation


Adam MarkelBestselling Author, Attorney, and CEONew Peaks

Mr. Singh is a gem! The man is a classic success story. He is a man of high integrity, brilliant business ideas, and he is all about helping people succeed. I highly recommend him as an entrepreneur and a thought leader — he is the kind of man that you can do business with, and benefit tremendously.

Richie EtwaruChief Digital Officer, Blockchain Evangelist, Author, TED Speaker

“Mr. Singh is a unique force of nature. He is magnetic, and charismatic in business, entertainment, and leadership. There are only a few people in the world that have used their business senses and skills, to free themselves to be able to do what they really love, which is to help others by sharing their granted gifts. One of these free people, who are helping others by sharing is Raj Singh. ”

Bill CourtrightDirector of Business DevelopmentIncome Store, Inc.

“It is rare upon meeting someone that you immediately know that this is a person you’re going to want to know for the rest of your life. Raj Singh is exactly that type of person. He is a man of great passion and great energy. He is most certainly a man of action, but more, his actions are of a moral and ethical standard that is hard to find in business today. As a leader, Raj effortlessly inspires people to take the necessary steps to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. He sees things in people that maybe they didn’t even see in themselves. I witnessed this first hand in working with Raj and his family on various online business ventures. Raj’s determination to provide opportunities for those closest to him shows a selflessness that truly moves me.”

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